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Dragon’s Lair (1993)

Dirk the Daring was a heroic, if clumsy knight. When Princess Daphne was kidnapped by the dragon, Singe, and taken to his castle, Dirk set out to rescue her. Due […]

VGA Miner (1989)

Miner is a game of rare earths mining. In the game, you assume the role of a miner in search of rare earths like silver, gold, and platinum. The goal […]

Digger (1983)

Take control of a mechanical digging machine as you tunnel your way through the earth, searching for valuable gems and the even more valuable bags of gold! But watch out […]

Star Wars (1988)

Star Wars is a first-person shooter based around the final scenes of the original Star Wars film. It first appeared for arcade coin-operated machines and was subsequently converted to other […]

Into the Eagle’s Nest (1987)

Pandora’s first game combines the Gauntlet style with the World War 2 setting, and specifically the Eagle’s Nest building which is being used by a commander as his HQ. Three […]

Alley Cat (1984)

Alley Cat is an action game consisting of several mini games tied together. You’re a little black cat who wants to make love to a pretty lady cat that lives […]

Lode Runner (1983)

The Bungeling Empire has stolen a huge cache of gold from its rightful owners, and your mission is to infiltrate its treasury and recapture it. This entails progressing through 150 […]

Duke it out in D.C. (1997)

This is an add-on episode for Duke Nukem 3D. Aliens have captured the President! Duke gets word that alien scum have landed in Washington D.C., laid it to waste, and […]

3D Bomber (1998)

A freeware 3D version of Bomberman. You play as one of the “Bombermen” (cute spacesuit wearing anime characters) and your goal is to blow up the other Bomberman before he […]

Disney’s Duck Tales – The Quest for Gold (1990)

This game follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. The aim of the game is shown in the introduction. Flintheart Glomgold challenges Scrooge […]